A Coffee Addict Knits: Icord-Wrapped Roving Mug Rugs

On weekdays I can usually keep my coffee intake to a reasonable level. One cup, maybe two, and I’m ready to begin my day. But on weekends I slip back into my caffeine addict ways. The siren song of the French Press compels me to casually ask Z if he was planning on boiling more water (our code for: “more coffee? Yes, I thought so”), and before I can stop myself, I’ve downed four or five cups. There’s something comforting in that constant flow. It’s the nostalgia for my grad school days when I spent hours and hours in the studio, a warm cup of Java City’s best  brew(which was actually pretty terrible) close at hand; the morning Dunkin Donuts runs that defined my weekends growing up, because my Dad would not drink coffee made at home.

Despite the significance of this weekend ritual, Z and I usually have our coffee in unassuming mugs (often Christmas themed), though I’ve collected pretty ceramic ones over the years.  And despite my coffee obsession, I’ve never made any coasters or mug rugs on which to rest our cups. Sweater projects and knits for Addie have monopolized my needles for years, but since I have lately been working through yards and yards of humble icord, I thought it was time to finally do something to honor our weekend habit.

The result — icord-wrapped roving mug rugs — are pretty, but like my weekends, they are also simple. Perfect knitting for those days when you just want to lounge on the couch, drink too much coffee, and savor the idle time with your favorite people.  You only need a bit of yarn for each one; I used some Blue Sky Alpaca Sport and SanguineGryphon Bugga! from my scrap basket, but any sport weight yarn will do. Don’t have wool roving? A strand of bulky yarn will work in its place. The knitting itself is mindless — just a length of icord, and finishing is not much more difficult.

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