Fox and the city

I’ve landed in London once again to begin a two-week internship in the city. I’ll be bed-hopping and sofa surfing; making the most of my good friends who are living and working here.  Suitcase brimming with clothes, home-made chilli carefully packed in Tupperware, wrapped in cling-film and double-bagged, I arrived at my friend L’s front-door on Sunday evening, mulled wine in hand. We lived together for two years when we were at University and so we’ve had a lovely few days catching up in between the working day.

As it’s such a fleeting visit, it has given me a refreshed perspective of working in the city. I’ve enjoyed the tube travel, embraced the constant delays and wondered round London appreciating the oodles of landmarks that line my route into the office.  Having worked in London for a year, I know that sometimes, working full time in the city can make travelling into London monotonous and it’s possible to quickly become immune to the incredible landmarks that you pass everyday, twice a day. So it has been nice for me to return with a fresh outlook.

I’m working in the Blue Fin Building in Southwark and the views from the 11th floor are just breathtaking.

I plan to take full advantage of London’s cafe culture while I’m here. My Mum sent me on my way with this “Cafe Writing Map” full of little challenges and ideas to get you writing around the city. Over the next week I’m going to attempt to do one-a-day and visit a new cafe spot each time. If anyone knows Southwark well – suggestions are welcome!


Today, I tested the Tate Espresso Bar. It’s a nice hideaway. You have full panoramic view of the lunchtime rush unfolding along the river but you’re further enough away to not hear it.  Today on the Cafe Writing Map was “A Lunch Poem”- a nice, easy task to ease me into the challenge.

“Walk into a cafe and, inspired by Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems, use the following structure to write a story or a poem: “It’s my lunch hour, so I go for a walk among the…First…Then onto…”

It’s my lunch hour, so I go for a walk among the high-rise buildings. First to a little card shop on the corner where I find a suitably overpriced birthday card for my Aunty – it’s her birthday on Friday. Then onto the Tate to muse among the masses about what exactly was going through these artists’ heads when they created their ‘masterpiece’.

Tomorrow’s challenge is called ‘Cafe Windows’…

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