Ever gotten a review sheet for a test or final exam from your teacher that would be much easier to fill out and complete with a group of people instead of by yourself?  How about being assigned to create a script for a short skit or even give a presentation that would be much easier to work on with other people at your own leisure.  Imagine not having to get in touch with a group of people and meet at the library to work on something like this; that would be awesome!  Well, with Google Docs, you can! You can use Google Docs to avoid having to trust just one person with the project and you can even monitor how much people are doing and who is contributing and who isn’t.  And when you’re done working on the assignment you no longer have to worry about making copies or fighting over who gets to hold onto everything and not loose it.

Some of you may be familiar with Google Wave, Google’s collaboration tool that did not take off as well as some may have hoped, but since the termination of Wave, they have begun to incorporate some of the features of Wave into Google Docs. Some important things that are still missing is the ability to see what exactly someone has edited since your last visit and it would be nice to be able to resort back to say what yesterdays version of the document looked like (which could be done on Wave).  But there is a chat room feature, when working in a document which allows for multiple people to talk about the current project.

I have personally used Google Docs a bunch of times; a few times to work on lab reports for some of my Biology classes and I even used it to fill out a study guide for my Modern American History midterm and final exams.  Both situations worked out great.  It was so easy to use and completing the assignments was a breeze since I could log on and edit the documents on my own and everyone could see what I had done and then edit it how they wanted to.

Have you tried out Google Docs?  Am I missing any important information or did I get something wrong?  Have any questions?  Comment below!

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