Sassa R350 Grant Application 2022: How to Apply Online.

HOW DO I RE-APPLY FOR THE NEW SASSA R350 GRANT FOR 2022: The Sassa R350 Grant Application is now in progress. Starting from April 2022, you can re apply for this srd grant online by visiting the website. If you were previously approved for the R350 grant before April 2022, you will need to re apply online for the new grant.

CHANNELS YOU CAN USE WHEN RE-APPLYING FOR THE NEW R350 GRANT: You can Send WhatsApp message to 082 046 8553, The Applicant must provide personal details as prompted by the chat. you will receive a Reference number as well as an OTP number together with a website link to choose which will direct you to the website only if you have internet access.

SECONDLY YOU CAN RE-APPLY VIA THE SRD WEBSITE FOR YOUR R350 GRANT. To Re-Apply you need to Open Internet browser, then search for Once you are on the website scroll to the application section and choose it. All Applicant will be required to capture ID number and their mobile phone number then send sms to receive a 6 digit OTP number. All Applicant must insert the OTP number and choose verify pin in order to start the application process.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR RE-APPLICATION OF THE R350 GRANT: To qualify for this New SRD Grant of R350 you must: be a South African Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee registered on the Home Affairs system; and be resident within the borders of the Republic of South Africa; be above the age of 18; be unemployed; not be receiving any income; not be receiving any social grant; not be receiving any unemployment insurance benefit and do not qualify to receive unemployment insurance benefits; not be receiving a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme; not be receiving any other government COVID-19 response support; and not be resident in a government funded or subsidized institution.

HOW TO APPEAL AFTER I HAVE BEEN DECLINED FOR THE NEW SASSA R350 GRANT; Make sure you are not on UIF, Nsfas or receiving any social assistance from government or currently employed, However if you are a caregiver you can apply for the R350 grant in addition to the money you receive. If you are receiving UIF then you cannot get the R350 grant , You can only apply after the UIF Claim payment is over. For Nsfas Applicants you are not eligible for this grant because you get money through your nsfas wallet. Finally if your employer is still submitting your details as part of their tax schedule each month then you wont get approved, So when you are relieved of your duties make sure you follow up with the south african revenue service to make sure that you are not being used to reduce the tax obligation of your employer.

HOW DO I CHANGE, UPDATE OR SUBMIT MY BANKING DETAILS FOR THE SASSA R350 GRANT: Its a simple process. After entering your phone number in the application process you will be required to fill in a few details about your self, afterwards you will be asked to enter your method of payment. This method of payment is known as banking details. To enter your banking details you have to Have a Personal Bank Account, Choose bank account as payment method and proceed to answering the questions: Choose Bank Name, Provide Account number, Provide Branch Name, Provide Account Type, then Submit Banking Details.

You can also opt for payment to be sent to you via the post office or through cash send. To do this you need to follow these instructions. Choose your Payment option as Cash Send, then you will be required to Agree to Terms and Conditions, after that you will be asked to Submit Banking Details.

FOR APPLICANTS WHO HAVE ALREADY APPLIED AND WANT TO CHANGE BANKING DETAILS: Thus if you have already finished the application and you want to change your banking details from one method to another then follow these instructions: Confirm Existing Personal Banking Details or change it to the option you prefer and provide all the information needed and Agree to Terms and Conditions, Finally Submit the new changes made. Applicants with Cash send Option who wish to add bank details must add the following: Bank Name, Provide Account number, Provide Branch Name, Provide Account Type, Agree to Terms and Conditions and finally, Submit Banking Details.

DO I HAVE TO ACCEPT THE CONSENT AND DECLARATION SECTION BEFORE SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION. You also have to accept the consent and declaration part of the form in order for your R350 grant application to be considered. All Applicants must confirm that they will comply with the qualifying criteria as listed. They must also agree to the fact that they have read the declaration and consent, and that By completing this form, they are providing SASSA with the consent to verify their information as given in the forms against any Government or Financial institutions including SARS, UIF, NSFAS. If you fail this check you will be disapproved and not get paid for the grant.