Setting up shop

A couple of months ago, I left my 9-to-5 job at a magazine in London to set myself up as a freelancer writer. While leaving the security of a full time job felt very scary, I was excited about ‘setting up shop’ on my own. First, I set about creating my new website with the help of the very talented illustrator Andrea Turvey. And once I was satisfied with my website, I needed a shiny new workspace to match.

This turquoise trolley was a savvy storage solution I found in Urban Outfitters. Although I have enough magazines to create a small library stored away in plastic boxes, I needed somewhere I could keep a few of my favourites for easy access.

I rescued this old strawberry crate from the vegetable market, it’s great for holding bits and pieces so I can keep my desk space clear. And I’m using these old fashioned Campbell’s soup tins for holding pens and pencils.

So now I’ve got my workspace sorted it’s on with the writing, and that means many more blog posts, of course!

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